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About HOPE


… a Message from the HOPE Founders:

slideshow_1HealersOfPlanetEarth have long been advocates of education, nutrition, prevention. These are the foundations of true healthcare. Current health reform dialogues do not place significant value on these important realities as integral and essential parts of our health care solutions.

It costs far more to treat a disease or illness after onset than it does to fund integrative health services such as stress management, massage, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutritional assessment and a host of other modalities.

Hundreds of integrative services, products and modalities have been proven to decrease stress and the symptoms of disease, while increasing health awareness 
and / or enhancing well-being.

It is imperative that all consumers and practitioners of integrative and complementary services unite and speak out! Policymakers are currently engaged in crucial debates on health care finance and reform.

The time is now for those of us who recognize the importance of choice and freedom in health care to be heard! Be a Voice for HOPE.

Join us in speaking out to policymakers to insist we shift our health policy from one that sustains and finances only “disease management,” to one that supports true healthcare – a more vital, sustainable, and enjoyable existence for everyone.