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BE A VOICE for HOPE – HealersOfPlanetEarth


JOIN US if you are a consumer wishing to protect your rights to preventative health measures and first line therapies, which utilize substances and modalities beyond drugs, radiation and surgery.

JOIN US if you are an integrative health practitioner seeking to ensure your right to express and serve within the full scope of your practice, integrity and abilities without being unnecessarily restrained by regulatory bodies.

JOIN US if you believe that HEALTHCARE should be more about wellness and prevention than disease maintenance.

JOIN US if you believe that it is imperative that wellness and prevention be included in healthcare policy, finance and legislation.

JOIN US if you wish to further the dialogue about how we best come together for the common good and healthfulness of all people and our planet.

JOIN US if you believe that if all the integrative health practitioners join together with all their clients and colleagues, our unified voice will be strong enough to make important changes in healthcare financing and reform.

JOIN US if you believe this is a worthwhile mission or if you have time or resources to contribute to this cause!