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Welcome, Volunteers!

why_join_7Voice for HOPE thrives on the enthusiasm and support of its member-volunteers. We invite all individuals with an interest in supporting HOPE’s mission to join and to submit their areas of interest and intent. An online means to do this will be accessible soon.

Opportunities to volunteer are available and there is a need for organizing this area – any volunteer help with coordinating volunteers would be most gratefully received. Please email Denise Lewis Premschak at DENISE@VOICEFORHOPE.ORG – with HOPE Volunteer in the subject line – if you have an interest in this or other areas where your expertise or experience may serve HOPE.


We are recruiting HOPE Builders in each of the 9500 congressional and state legislative districts.  Onsite help is needed for HOPE on the HILL programs, for planning and implementing State and District meetings, and for fund-raising activities; some additional areas where you might become involved are writing or recommending relevant articles; ensuring reliability of resources provided for policymakers (research); providing general office services or professional services.

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