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Welcome to Voice For HOPE

The vision for Voice for HOPE (Healers of Planet Earth), became focused in the spring of 2010 when a group of energy healers and policy activists came together around the belief that the time has come for healers everywhere to speak up, transcend the political dialogue, and transform the policies that limit individual and social well-being and health. 

Health reform dialogues, sparked by the 2009 Health Care Reform Act and its implementation between then and now understate or ignore the significant role that CAM, complementary and alternative medicine, initiatives already play as an integral and essential part of our health care solutions.

Voice for HOPE works to make these “natural” approaches to health an explicit and valued part of national health policy by: 

1) tapping into the energy of the nearly one hundred organized “natural” health modalities currently being used by an estimated 200 million Americans, and 

2) focusing it onto the national health policy debate by organizing a broad range of individuals and professionals — an undertaking intended to transcend political identities and affiliations. 

Voice for HOPE’s purpose is to provide leadership and strategic vision to focus the energy of the “natural” health constituency on the national health reform effort.  HOPE’s goal is to organize HOPE Builders in each of the nation’s 9500 congressional and state legislative districts as guides, helpers and information sources for policy makers.